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NetSuite: Why changing market conditions are the right time to dive in

by Britni Buiwitt, Director of ERP Sales There’s lots of talk of a looming recession. In the face of uncertainty, it’s natural for companies to tighten budgets, which can mean delaying the deployment of critical business operations systems. But without the right tools in place to manage inventories, assess financials and communicate with customers, the…

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SenecaGlobal announces availability of Constant Care managed services for NetSuite

 New Service Enables Companies to Get Maximum Value from their NetSuite Environment while Minimizing Operational Costs SenecaGlobal announces the availability of Constant Care managed services for NetSuite’s cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. The new subscription-based service provides NetSuite customers strategic guidance, upgrades, optimizations, support and tailored configurations to grow their businesses while minimizing operational…

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Growth stage companies have questions, SenecaGlobal has answers

1871 AMA with Mike O’Malley Thanks to 1871 – Chicago’s innovation hub – for hosting an AMA with Mike O’Malley, SenecaGlobal’s SVP of Strategy. The questions Mike fielded are a revealing snapshot of the issues that growth stage tech companies face as they navigate balancing the product development process and market influences. Product Development Q.…

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NetSuite: Act on real-time data with customized reports

You see the bigger picture when you get more out of NetSuite. Your business is growing. Are your NetSuite reports growing with you? When you set up NetSuite, maybe you didn’t need advanced reports to get the high-level information you wanted. By now, though, you’ve discovered that NetSuite gives you the power to view your…

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Are you missing out on NetSuite upgrades?

Take advantage of new features and capabilities. Did you know? NetSuite gives you upgrades every six months as part of your subscription. But if you aren’t implementing them, you could be missing out on opportunities to improve profitability and efficiency. It’s easy to miss the notification emails about new upgrades. Keeping up with all the…

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NetSuite: How do you know what third-party apps you need?

Get more out of NetSuite by extending its power. Thousands of third-party apps are available for NetSuite. It’s enough to make your head spin. How do you figure out which ones you truly need and which don’t suit your business? Here’s an example: Let’s say you’re running a manual invoicing process today. How would you…

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Recession Fear: What to do when finance and R&D goals are at odds

The general consensus is that we’re headed for a worldwide recession in 2023. Will it be modest? Will it hit at the beginning of the year or much later? Or is it too hard to predict? It’s the uncertainty that has many corporate finance managers pushing the brakes on spending and hiring plans to control…

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What it takes to foster service delivery excellence

by Sarma Manthravadi, Senior Vice President, Operations SenecaGlobal is dedicated to serving clients to their delight–in fact, it’s the core purpose of our existence. We derive our success in client’s business success. Our business thrives by delivering exceptional value to clients, which influences customers to be our promoters. In other words, we like to let…

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