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Protecting Solutions that Incorporate AI: Patents vs. Trade Secrets

Growth-stage companies have a lot of pre-built toolsets and API options to consider when incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into their solutions. These open-source AI models and APIs from open-source frameworks and Machine Learning Software as a Service (ML SaaS) providers are available to anyone to evaluate and leverage to build proof of concepts (POCs) and…

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The biggest threat to cybersecurity? The “meh” attitude.

I recently attended the Cybersecurity Summit in Chicago hosted by the Cyber Risk Alliance and gained a new perspective on the biggest threat to cybersecurity in the U.S. While staying ahead of the ever-evolving attack tactics used by hackers remains top of mind, the most prevalent danger to organizations appears to be the sense that…

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How the Kaizen method changed my approach to innovation

At the 16th CII International Competitiveness & Cluster Summit held in New Dehli, SenecaGlobal’s Mahalakshmi Vardhineedi had the winning entry in the Cost category: Custom Data Pipeline for Snowplow-Based Events. At SenecaGlobal, we encourage associates to adopt the Kaizen mindset. It’s an intentional method that motivates and rewards thinking beyond the task at hand to…

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What does Quality First mean to SenecaGlobal?

by Sarma Manthravadi, Senior Vice President – Operations At SenecaGlobal, quality is our first principle for delivery excellence. Our clients rely on us to solve technical challenges and accelerate time-to-market for their products and services. But enabling them to move faster never comes at the expense of quality. Because the SenecaGlobal Quality First approach means…

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Growth stage companies have questions, SenecaGlobal has answers

1871 AMA with SG Strategy Thanks to 1871 – Chicago’s innovation hub – for hosting an AMA with one of SenecaGlobal’s strategic leaders. The questions they fielded are a revealing snapshot of the issues that growth stage tech companies face as they navigate balancing the product development process and market influences. Product Development Q. How…

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Recession Fear: What to do when finance and R&D goals are at odds

The general consensus is that we’re headed for a worldwide recession in 2023. Will it be modest? Will it hit at the beginning of the year or much later? Or is it too hard to predict? It’s the uncertainty that has many corporate finance managers pushing the brakes on spending and hiring plans to control…

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