IBM i, EDI, and Legacy ERP Applications

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The IBM i (formerly AS/400) is as reliable as ever, yet supporting & enhancing the applications which run on them is becoming increasingly difficult.

Rely on SenecaGlobal to provide the expertise and services you need while your organization charts its future with these applications.

SenecaGlobal IBM i Solutions

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Whatever stage an organization is with IBM i, SenecaGlobal's team of senior technologists have the experience and knowledge to modernize and maintain current instances, manage the systems, and help plan for the future.

At a time when RPG experts are becoming increasingly scarce, we remain committed to nurturing our talent pool, ensuring the sustained success of the platform.

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  • Understand complexities and reliances of the business on legacy applications
  • Evaluate the state of the code, existing technical debt, unsupported applications, and business security risks
  • Establish future-state of IBM i within the organization: modernize, support, or sunset
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Modernize or Sunset

  • Modernize existing applications by updating code, increasing efficiencies, and improving security
  • Support implementation of greenfield system by maintaining legacy applications
  • Advise and support any required cutovers and challenges from migrations


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Maintain & Support

  • Offer Follow-the-Sun support for applications with experienced resources both in the US and offshore
  • Implement help desk, reporting, and global ticketing services
  • Ensure security standards and best practices

SenecaGlobal EDI Solutions

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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) offers stability and visibility, but implementation can be challenging with common issues including underestimated supply chain complexity, rigid systems, and manual inputs.

Our team of EDI experts see significant potential in streamlining EDI processes while enhancing efficiency and cost savings

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Evaluate & Optimize

  • Architecture / business process Evaluation
  • Resource optimization
  • Archival process optimization
  • Storage requirement reduction
  • Detailed system health reports
  • Vulnerability analysis
  • Infrastructure availability evaluation
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  • Address & correct common translation / transmission errors
  • Establish robust monitoring
  • Ensure maximum uptime
  • Root cause analysis & remediation
  • Enhance protocols / ciphers / encryption algorithms
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Improve & Automate 

  • Automate resolution for common transmission / translation errors
  • Minimize manual intervention through automation
  • Establish automated regression testing to test map changes
  • Ensure files are processing according to SLA's
  • Upgrade software as required

SenecaGlobal ERP Support

Advisory Services

Let SenecaGlobal’s ERP experts assess where your organization stands and develop a strategy to move forward. We’ll quickly assess what you’re doing now and how to best position your ERP implementation for what’s next.

Implementation & Managed Services

SenecaGlobal's experience in various ERP packages uniquely positions us to provide  a variety of solutions to support your organization's move to its next operational platform(s).

Why work with SenecaGlobal?

Our team of experts has the application and industry expertise to optimize your current system as well as manage standard and complex implementations and ongoing operations.

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