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Take advantage of mobile technologies to boost product strategy

The world is a connected place. People want access to your solution everywhere, from every device. Your product or service isn’t complete without a mobile app. The Internet of Things (IoT) opens new avenues for productivity and data analytics.

Developing solutions that take advantage of wireless connectivity requires specific skills that can be difficult to find. That’s where SenecaGlobal shines. Our team of technical experts works closely with you to bring your solution to life.

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Powered by In-telligent and recognized for its cutting-edge technology and commitment to helping the world communicate better, trailblazing messaging app BuzzBell is a TIME Best Inventions of 2021.

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Security from the start

Mobile and IoT solutions also open your network to security vulnerabilities. You’re only as secure as your weakest partner.

Our IT security experts build the necessary protections directly into mobile apps, IoT environments and cloud workloads.

Design thinking in action

We apply a design thinking approach to developing a great UI/UX for mobile apps that integrates the needs of users, business requirements and the possibilities of the enabling technology.

We employ a 6D framework to create great user experiences:

  1. Discover
  2. Define
  3. Dream
  4. Design
  5. Develop
  6. Deliver

Mobile apps

Whether you’re creating a new solution or want a mobile version of a web app, our highly skilled mobile app developers create feature-rich apps for iOS and Android for B2B and B2C. We also develop cross-platform solutions in React Native, Flutter and Ionic for use on multiple mobile platforms.

SenecaGlobal can quicken your mobile development in the cloud using AWS-native tools — including AWS Amplify and AppSync — to build feature-rich full-stack web and mobile apps.

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The main revenue driver for 54% of enterprise IoT projects is cost savings, followed by revenue generation (35%) and enhanced security (24%)

IoT Analytics

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Internet of Things

The use of IoT offers so many possibilities for monitoring and predictive analytics for industries such as healthcare, manufacturing and logistics. To take advantage of IoT, companies must store, track, analyze and make sense of vast amounts of data. SenecaGlobal can lead you through the complex challenges of gathering the right data and quickly acting on it.


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