A Step Towards Future Recruitment Trends in the IT Industry

Levering evolving technology, innovation, and tools

by Pavani Bujala, Associate Delivery Manager – Talent Acquisition

To remain successful businesses need to continuously acquire new talent. As challenges in the marketplace evolve, in parallel so has the function of the traditional staffing team to become a strategic talent acquisition function that emphasizes developing the employer brand, using social media tools to find candidates, providing opportunities for internal candidates, and utilising the company’s internal referral network.

This study primarily focuses on innovation in talent acquisition in the IT industry by researching the technologies and methods used in this space. In addition, the study examines novel recruiting approaches, most heavily focused on the use of technology and tools.

Socially conscious firms are moving away from traditional methods of recruiting and sourcing employees. The accessibility, availability, spontaneity, and transparency these organizations seek draw them toward social media platforms and online job boards.

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