IBM i Application Development and Support

Leverage our perspective and experience to maximize your IBM i investment.

Get the Most Out of Your IBM i Environment with Custom Teams and Talent Tailored to Your Needs.

SenecaGlobal’s IBM i expertise and services include:

  • Maintenance. IBM i environments often require significant investments in existing code which can be difficult and expensive to maintain. SenecaGlobal offers a number of ways to creatively reduce your risk while keeping your applications current.
  • Development. Your business keeps moving forward, and your users demand new functionality. SenecaGlobal can help you stay current with your application software requirements by efficiently developing new code.
  • Modernization. Many organizations have determined that IBM i is the right platform for the future, but they still require certain updates to fully take advantage of their strategy. SenecaGlobal works closely with you to determine how to best modernize your IBM i implementation to work in today's advanced IT environments, as well as tomorrow's.
  • Transition and/or Interface. IBM i now generally operates in mixed IT environments. SenecaGlobal has the experience to ensure that your IBM i interfaces and operates well with other platforms, whether you’re migrating systems or building a best-of-breed environment.

Enjoy Increased Productivity, Quality, and Flexibility While Reducing Costs with Our IBM i Global Delivery Center and World-class Developers

We work with you to plan and execute the best strategy for your future with IBM i. Our experience with IBM i dates back to the system’s introduction, and since then we have spent our careers supporting the IBM i environment and its predecessors. Our broad expertise and deep experience with IBM i enable us to maximize the bottom-line impact it has for your business.

SenecaGlobal can manage the entire process from mission-critical projects to daily maintenance. We deliver the services that meet your current needs and apply the leading-edge solutions that empower you to meet new challenges.

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