V.A. Sastry

Dr. Sastry is a veteran of the Indian IT services industry, including his association with Tata Consulting Engineers, Macmet’s Simulation System Division, and Infosys.

He is credited with obtaining an ISO 9001/TickIT certification for Infosys, Bangalore where he was responsible for Quality and Productivity and was the first non-founder to join the board of directors.

Subsequently Dr. Sastry was a co-founder of RelQ, a software testing services firm that was acquired by EDS.

Sastry is also a Director at MUSA Software Engineering that does consulting on ISO & CMM for various large IT companies.

Sastry is on the Board of National Stock Exchange and is on their System Advisory Committee.

Dr. Sastry is a staunch believer in the statement that a healthy mind is a necessity for a healthy body. His mantra to ensure a healthy body and mind is by virtue of meditation and spiritual cleanliness. Dr. Sastry holds an Electrical Engineering degree from REC Warangal and a PhD in Computer Applications from the University of Waterloo in Canada.

V.A. Sastry