SenecaGlobal Launches Two-Day Audit to Help JD Edwards World Customers Quickly & Economically Scope Time-Sensitive Migration Plans

JD Edwards World Migration Acceleration Program Helps Internal Teams Understand Transition Requirements as Support for Platform Ends

OAK BROOK, Ill– November 8, 2021- SenecaGlobal, a global leader in software development and management, today announced the launch of its JD Edwards (JDE) World Migration Acceleration Program to help companies quickly and economically scope what it will take to transition to JDE EnterpriseOne 9.2 (E19.2) or other solution as support for JDE World comes to an end.

The Clock is Ticking

JDE World Premier and Extended support plans are scheduled to expire soon. Organizations using that platform need to develop migration plans to ensure there is no interruption in critical business operations. The process of scoping requirements for a technology migration can be difficult for many organizations that don’t have the internal resources necessary to conduct a technology and business process audit, which is the necessary first step of the migration process.

Two-Day Painless Audit

To meet this need, SenecaGlobal is offering a two-day audit (virtual or in person) of an organization’s current platform. During the audit, SenecaGlobal’s JDE experts will uncover the data needed to build a customized migration plan, scope out the budget and resource requirements, and determine the project timeline.

“The time is now for organizations running JDE World to gather information and figure out what it will take to migrate to a modern ERP system,” said Bob Landgren, SVP Digital Transformation, SenecaGlobal. “Most companies dread an IT audit because it is time consuming, disruptive and often they don’t have the in-house expertise to conduct it.  SenecaGlobal’s two-day audit significantly reduces the anxiety, hassle and expense of doing the legwork necessary to equip companies to make informed decisions about their JDE World platforms.”

How it Works

SenecaGlobal’s JDE experts guide an organization through an audit of their JDE World deployment via a two-day virtual or in-person session, which includes:

Day One: High-level Architecture Tour — SenecaGlobal performs a structured review of the technical aspects of the customer’s JDE World platform, such as the stability of the operation layer, generated logs, and performance metrics.

Day Two: Business Process Exploration — The team reviews how the application is being used to support business operations and analyzes important factors such as core processes and ownership, key pain points by department and where automation could add efficiencies.

After the audit, SenecaGlobal provides an actionable report that includes: a technology overview, application usage overview, budget scope and resources required for migration.

Availability and Pricing

The JDE World Migration Acceleration Program is available immediately and costs $6,000 per two-day (16 hours) virtual session. If companies engage with SenecaGlobal to manage their JDE World migration, 100% of audit fees are credited to the engagement.

More information about the two-day audit is available here.

About SenecaGlobal

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