SECURITYTECH: Security solution provider accelerates development in tight hiring market

Hard-to-find expertise satisfies exacting standards and high-tech needs

SenecaGlobal supplied specialized development talent to help a Series C-funded security solution provider accelerate time to market for its existing product and next-generation cloud-based product.


  • 150% increase in development capabilities
  • 2.5x faster time to market
  • 5x increase in solution adoption


A fast-growing security solution provider had experienced increasing sales, taken on an exciting product road map and recently closed its sizable Series C funding. To keep up with demand and turn its new ideas into reality, the company needed to scale advanced technology fast.

However, recruiting and onboarding new engineering talent were key roadblocks in achieving development goals. With customers and investors eager to move forward and see results, the company turned to SenecaGlobal.

“ SenecaGlobal proved themselves immediately.
They added so much value at such a high
standard that we asked them to work on our
in-demand cloud-based product too.”



The company’s software development team was stretched thin and focused on execution to meet customer demand. Spending so much time doing the work left little time to fine-tune corporate strategy or
concept advanced security technologies to stay ahead in its market space.

To achieve the company’s development goals, it needed to recruit a team of developers with particular skills in software development, artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and security automation technologies who
could demonstrate their skills by passing a difficult internal exam process. Those candidates were in high demand and very hard to find.

Overcoming the challenge of finding the right talent in a tight market would require a nuanced solution. With fast-approaching delivery deadlines, delays in recruiting could derail the company’s success.


SenecaGlobal dove in to gain an understanding of the company’s culture of innovation, high standards
and need for specialized skills. As an early step, SenecaGlobal assigned project managers and developers to two sprint teams to accelerate feature updates for the current product portfolio.

Based on the immediate success of those sprint teams, the company’s leaders turned to SenecaGlobal again when they needed to speed time to market for their next-generation cloud-based solution — the company’s new flagship product. SenecaGlobal rolled out a third sprint team that brought critical experience in scaling global solutions in a microservices cloud environment.

To simplify recruiting, SenecaGlobal implemented processes to add team members with specialized
technology skill sets and backgrounds, who demonstrated proficiency in security solutions. Recognizing the aggressive timeline, the SenecaGlobal team streamlined the process, including mapping procedures to match the company’s workflow and structure and conducting rigorous screening exams.

SenecaGlobal satisfied the company’s immediate need for in-demand tech talent while meeting the
company’s recruiting standards — and delivered on the accelerated timeline too. The project capitalized
on the SenecaGlobal team’s core capabilities, including AI algorithms, security automation technologies
and cloud expertise.

With the ideal tech talent on board to deliver a high quality product, the company’s internal employees
could focus on core business strategy. In just eight months, SenecaGlobal:

  • Enabled faster rollout of the cloud-based solution, which spurred a 5x increase in the adoption of the new flagship product
  • Accelerated time to market by 2.5x
  • Increased development capabilities by 150% SenecaGlobal proved that it can solve the security provider’s complex technology issues. The company’s leadership team sees SenecaGlobal as an extension of its development team that can accelerate its innovation of new products that will drive
    its business forward.

About SenecaGlobal

Founded in 2007, SenecaGlobal is a global leader in software development and management. Services include software product development, application software development, enterprise cloud and managed services, quality assurance and testing, security, operations, help desk, technology advisory services and more. The company’s agile team consists of world-class information technologists and business executives across industries, ensuring that we provide clients with a strong competitive advantage.

SenecaGlobal is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, and has a state-of-the-art software development and management center in Hyderabad, India. The company is certified as a Great Place to Work® and is ISO 9001 certified for quality and ISO 27001 certified for security.