HEALTHTECH: Faster time to market with enhanced features for DTx platform

Experienced team works in concert with internal resources to develop solution that helps people dealing with neurological conditions

Digital therapeutics (DTx) can change the lives of people dealing with chronic conditions and their caregivers for the better. A well-funded HealthTech company is on a mission to tap the power of DTx to enable people living with neurological conditions and their families to lead more productive, meaningful lives. The company discovers, develops, and commercializes software as medical treatment for patients with neurodegenerative diseases. It empowers patients, families and clinicians by helping to preserve cognition and independence.
The partnership with SenecaGlobal enabled the company to accelerate the pace of development for its adaptive learning platform. The solution uses machine learning by combining best-in-class cognitive rehabilitation strategies to assess several novel digital biomarkers to dynamically personalize and optimize treatment based on patients’ unique cognitive and physical needs.

SenecaGlobal quickly assembled an experienced core team with an average of 10 years of experience per member to help the company scale its solution, reduce costs and shorten development timelines. The company relies on SenecaGlobal to be a seamless extension of its internal resources through close collaboration and adherence to an Agile software development process.

SenecaGlobal teams focus on:

Backend: A sprint team with technology expertise, including Java, Node js and Redis on AWS Fargate, Azure, Springboot, and Postgres, provides software design, software development, code review, quality assurance and documentation. They ensure the platform is scalable and optimized for the cloud.

Frontend: A sprint team with technology expertise, including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, React.js, Redux, provides software design, software development, code review, quality assurance and documentation. Deliverables are focused on the interfaces to access the solution for clinicians, patients and care providers.

Mobile: A sprint team with technology expertise in React Native for IOS/Android and iOS/SWIFT
created the feature set that enables the patient app to collect data from iOS and Android wearables and
mobile devices.

QA Automation and Manual Testing: A sprint team with technology expertise in Selenium with BDD Framework, Javax, Postman tests and confirms the integrity of existing software, develops and executes automated and manual test cases, feature testing, end-to-end regression and testing, and post-deployment smoke testing.

Data Engineering: This team writes and optimizes complex processes that retrieve and manipulate data. They also develop strategies to optimize the large-scale data processing system.

With SenecaGlobal as part of their team, the HealthTech company has a competitive advantage. At a time when most companies have trouble finding and retaining top technical talent, the company can depend on SenecaGlobal for end-to-end software development that enables them to stay focused on product strategy, roadmaps and client services.

  • Experienced Resources – More than doubled size of development team to accelerate time to market
  • Trusted Partner – Majority of stories assigned to SenecaGlobal sprint teams
  • Technical Expertise – Optimized AI algorithms that drive treatment recommendations
  • Quality Delivered – Automated QA framework and test cases for dashboard app
  • Product Advancement – Developed CI/CD framework for mobile app
  • Well Positioned for Funding – Based on progress with product development and customer traction, the company secured a significant round of Series B funding.

About SenecaGlobal

Founded in 2007, SenecaGlobal is a global leader in software development and management. Services include software product development, application software development, enterprise cloud and managed services, quality assurance and testing, security, operations, help desk, technology advisory services and more. The company’s agile team consists of world-class information technologists and business executives across industries, ensuring that we provide clients with a strong competitive advantage.

SenecaGlobal is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, and has a state-of-the-art software development and management center in Hyderabad, India. The company is certified as a Great Place to Work® and is ISO 9001 certified for quality and ISO 27001 certified for security.