CyGlass accelerates product development and growth potential

Expert talent and innovation enable network security provider to accelerate growth and adapt to changing market conditions

SenecaGlobal provided development talent and project and delivery management to help CyGlass, a network security solutions provider, increase development capabilities, accelerate profitability and get to market faster.


  • 50% faster task completion in key project areas
  • Improvements in existing processes to speed development time
  • On-time high-quality deliverables that advance the product


The road to success is rarely a straight line – and the founders of CyGlass, a network defense-as-a-service (NDaaS) provider, have the history to prove it.

They partnered with SenecaGlobal from the beginning of their solution development more than five years ago. Since then, SenecaGlobal has provided skill engineering talent, which has helped the company scale its solutions, reduce sots and shorten development time while enabling its senior leaders to focus on product and operations strategy.


The founders of CyGlass had a big idea and funding to support it, but they needed development support fast.

SenecaGlobal recruited talented developers who helped turn the big idea into a prototype and functioning product. The solution performed so well that a large holding company purchased the NDaaS startup. Later, strategic changes at the parent company presented the startup’s founders with the unique opportunity to buy back their original company and its flagship solution.

Just like that, the founders were at the helm of an independent startup. Because SenecaGlobal had been the company’s partner since the very beginning, it had the right perspective, expertise and breadth of services to take on an integral role in CyGlass’ development processes — and to help the company scale fast.

“We have a great partnership from the top level all the way down to the team. Our daily call is always meaningful and collaborative. Whenever I ask, ‘How can we do this?’ they always have an idea.”

— Naveen Rohatgi, vice president of engineering, CyGlass


CyGlass’ threat detection and response solution combines advanced AI-driven functionality to protect enterprises with ease and simplicity, in addition to providing regulatory compliance. It is hosted in the cloud by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and requires no hardware or additional on-premises resources.

The SenecaGlobal team stayed flexible and adapted quickly to the company’s evolving needs. For example, as internal needs changed, team members collaborated across disciplines to take over the work of two other sprint teams, including picking up partially developed components. The team also developed global road map items and dashboards for reporting purposes.

As product development progressed, SenecaGlobal grew into taking responsibility for all UI and API work. The team’s support in both front- and back-end development is critical to the company’s products.

Two of our four areas of development are intertwined with SenecaGlobal. We rely on their team to handle all the development related to UI and API — they stay on top of everything.”


In addition to doing core development, the SenecaGlobal team also maintains the solution.

For example, SenecaGlobal:

  • Runs Windows administration, which generates critical events during development
  • Executes end-to-end testing cycles multiple times on various sites with various scenarios to ensure robust delivery
  • Handles complex release and operations activity SenecaGlobal presents a cost-effective solution for the startup by providing expert talent with a fast onboarding time, which accelerates the company’s development capabilities. The relationship continues to grow, with SenecaGlobal’s work reaching throughout the development operations and expanding into DevOps and data sciences.

“The SenecaGlobal team retrospectively looks at how we can improve, and then they take action.”



SenecaGlobal enabled the CyGlass founders to be flexible in how they approach their business. As the company’s long-term partner from the very start, SenecaGlobal helped get the founders up and running. Later, when the founders repurchased their company, SenecaGlobal gave them the ability to quickly pursue their vision for their growing business.

After more than five years, the relationship has grown strategically, with a 20-person SenecaGlobal team representing about 80% of the research and development engineering group. SenecaGlobal looks for ways to increase efficiency and productivity — even after all the time the two companies have worked together.

“The SenecaGlobal team retrospectively looks at how we can improve, and then they take action. Recently, they created a framework that will build on the existing process in a way that reduces delivery time. Now, some work that would have taken two sprints will be one.” — Naveen Rohatgi, vice president
of engineering, CyGlass

SenecaGlobal’s longtime knowledge of the company, along with the ability to retain top-notch developers, gives the founders a competitive advantage. At a time when most companies have trouble finding and retaining security software development engineers, depending on SenecaGlobal for front- and back-end software development is a more affordable solution.

About SenecaGlobal

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