Open Source

SenecaGlobal applies the latest open source technologies and frameworks to build cloud-native digital products.

Access the Power of Open Source for Faster Time-to-Value in Your Software Solutions.

The open source approach to technology is a battle-tested way to build software products. No longer advocated by only software insiders, open source is leveraged by companies building the latest digital technologies for users of all stripes and experience levels.

Our technologists have vast experience with building open source software, including:

  • Front-end Technologies (Angular, React, Material Design, D3, ES6 and Bootstrap)
  • Application Development (Spring, microservices, Netflix stack, Apache software, AxonFramework, Quartz)
  • Databases (MySQL, MariaDB, Postgres, NoSQL (Mongo, Redis), Flyway
  • DevOps (Apache Mesos, Kubernetes, Docker, Ansible, Zookeeper)
  • Cloud (AWS, Heroku, Rackspace)
  • Capabilities (Messaging, Distributed programming, cloud-native apps, microservice architecture, OWASP)

SenecaGlobal has successfully helped companies develop custom applications using open source software, from concept to delivery.

We Integrate Product Management, Strategy, Design and Development for Full Managed Services

Within our integrated model, product managers work closely with end-users and your stakeholders to define requirements before applying an agile approach to deliver faster time to value.

Our offerings include:

  • Cloud Migration Path
  • Microservices/Container Architecture
  • Human-centric Design
  • Analytics and Telemetry
  • DevOps (CI/CD)

Five Signs that your Outsourcing is Outdated

If you're assessing your development process, this whitepaper outlines the five signs that may indicate your software solution is lacking.

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