Software QA & Testing

SenecaGlobal tests your software and employs the latest quality assurance procedures to ensure your quality standards are met before going to market.

Functional and Technical Testing

Our global team is ready to provide the following full-service software testing services to ensure that the software functions as designed:

  • Unit Testing - We test individual units or isolated groups of related units at a granular level to verify proper functionality.
  • System Testing - We holistically examine the features and functionality of an entire software instance against specifically defined requirements or standards.
  • Integration Testing - We validate that the software components work properly across the full spectrum of interoperability, including required external applications and utilities.
  • Regression Testing - If your software has undergone a modification (e.g., a feature update or patch), we verify that it still functions as intended.
  • Acceptance Testing - We ensure that your software product meets business requirements and works as your customer expects.

Additionally, SenecaGlobal works with our clients to perform important technical tests:

  • Stress Testing - We evaluate how your system behaves under unfavorable conditions. Testing is conducted beyond the limits of the specifications.
  • Performance Testing - We assess the speed and effectiveness of the system to verify that it is generating the results specified in performance requirements.

Automated Testing Tools, Guidance and Expertise

As a leading QA and testing organization, SenecaGlobal helps clients efficiently deliver high-quality software. Often, automating your testing is the best way to maximize your testing investment because it ensures efficiency and reliability.

To optimize our clients' automation efforts, SenecaGlobal delivers:

  • Thought leadership - We are experts in using commercial and open source tools
  • A tool-agnostic approach - We use the best tool available for your specific environment.
  • Increased speed and reliability - We leverage leading automation frameworks that feature test reuse
  • A track record of success - We have consistently used test automation tools to decrease costs and delivering measurable improvements in results.

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