Enterprise Cloud and Managed Services

Regardless of where you are in your digital transformation and cloud journey SenecaGlobal enterprise cloud expertise is here to assist.

Cloud is Driving IT Services Delivery Innovation

The landscape for IT service delivery is undergoing one of the largest transformation in the past 20 years. Cloud computing is putting more technology advancements at the fingertips of corporations than ever before and at a pace never seen. This is enabling corporations small, medium and large to globally innovate, evolve and compete like never before. SenecaGlobal #1 goal for our clients is to ensure they are building and transforming their enterprise assets into the cloud methodically, pragmatically and cost effectively.

SenecaGlobal Achieves Advanced Consulting Partner Status in Amazon Web Services Partner Network in April 2018

The SenecaGlobal Client Cloud Journey

SenecaGlobal through its experience and pedigree of excellence have developed the industry leading approach to navigate our clients to the cloud. Through proven experience we have created a methodical approach, a journey to guide our clients. This journey allows us to engage with our clients regardless of their experience, maturity or stage their organization is in leveraging cloud technologies. Our client journey is founded on solid business planning and data to ensure the TCO and ROI is attractive to consider moving IT assets to the cloud. This then will lead us to the appropriate path to build or move assets leveraging modern cloud architecture and technologies. The SenecaGlobal cloud journey is based on 4 main solution pillars as follows:

• Cloud Advisory
• Cloud Architecture
• Cloud Transformation & Migration
• Managing & Maintaining

The solution pillars guide the development and release of our extensive list of cloud offerings. Our client journey and offerings are all developed and delivered to achieve the highest client value and client satisfaction.

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