Social Responsibility

SenecaGlobal believes social contribution is a moral obligation of all individuals and institutions. Therefore, we have proactively taken up causes close to our core competencies (even though the Indian Corporate Social Responsibility act does not apply to us given our size).

We aim to involve our associates in contributions to improve the quality of life for our underprivileged communities through integrated and sustainable development.  In turn, this creates a platform for finding meaning in life outside the workplace and gaining a sense of self-accomplishment and motivation in areas leveraging our inherent core competencies.


SenecaGlobal supports and participates in philanthropic activities and associates with non-governmental organizations in the areas of literacy, and community development including women empowerment.



We encourage and sponsor our associates to participate in social welfare activities that expose them to the difficulties faced by people in society and provides them the opportunity to meet their personal altruistic goals.