SenecaGlobal announces availability of Constant Care managed services for NetSuite

 New Service Enables Companies to Get Maximum Value from their NetSuite Environment while Minimizing Operational Costs

SenecaGlobal announces the availability of Constant Care managed services for NetSuite’s cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. The new subscription-based service provides NetSuite customers strategic guidance, upgrades, optimizations, support and tailored configurations to grow their businesses while minimizing operational costs.

SenecaGlobal’s NetSuite Constant Care helps mid-market companies drive the most value from their NetSuite investments as business needs change over time due to company growth, talent shortages and changing market conditions. By providing consistent, ongoing support, Constant Care eliminates the need for internal staff to update, customize and troubleshoot NetSuite on an ongoing basis. Instead, SenecaGlobal’s team of NetSuite experts manages and optimizes the system to enable companies to extract the real-time data they need to inform strategic decisions.

“NetSuite is a powerful solution that requires a specific skillset to implement, optimize and integrate to support business operations,” said John Ruddy, director of global ERP systems. “In today’s economic climate, we find that companies often only use a portion of their NetSuite implementation because they don’t know how to tailor the solution to their needs, and they lack access to experienced NetSuite resources. Our team of NetSuite experts provides training, continuous support and systems management to help our clients grow while curtailing expenses.”

SenecaGlobal’s Constant Care Manages NetSuite, While Companies Manage the Business

SenecaGlobal’s Constant Care provides a comprehensive suite of services to help companies get the most out of their NetSuite investments.

  • Visibility to Real Time Financials with Tailored Functionality —SenecaGlobal’s team expertly tailors NetSuite applications, reports and user dashboards based on each company’s specific operational requirements, providing real time visibility to financials that drive business.
  • Minimizes Operational Costs through Technical Optimization —This service manages data from multiple sources and streamlines workflows to assure that key business processes are optimized and that any issues affecting the NetSuite solution are resolved.
  • Supports Growth through Third-party Application Integrations — SenecaGlobal’s integration experts help adapt and change NetSuite configurations based on each customer’s evolving needs. The team offers guidance and implementation assistance on third party applications integrations to enhance functionality.
  • Helps Customers Understand and Adopt Bi-annual System Updates —To improve its feature set, NetSuite releases updates every six months. With the frequency of these updates, many find it hard to keep up with the changes. SenecaGlobal’s Constant Care team manages NetSuite updates for customers. The team recommends how to adopt new features and analyzes the potential impact on a company’s processes and business operations.

For more NetSuite Constant Care program information email or call (630) 320-3680.

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