NetSuite: Act on real-time data with customized reports

You see the bigger picture when you get more out of NetSuite.

Your business is growing. Are your NetSuite reports growing with you?

When you set up NetSuite, maybe you didn’t need advanced reports to get the high-level information you wanted. By now, though, you’ve discovered that NetSuite gives you the power to view your business in real time — and that’s given you new ideas about different key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure your success.

Bringing those ideas to life requires different types of reports. New KPIs and their reports may require NetSuite capabilities you didn’t need earlier, such as SuiteAnalytics, to help you extract information from the valuable data NetSuite holds.

If designing custom reports isn’t your team’s focus, though, understanding how to get at that data could be a roadblock. For the value that custom reports can provide, it’s a problem worth solving.

SenecaGlobal’s NetSuite Constant Care team helps you produce tailored reports that give you more meaningful information. Rely on our experts to help you create more sophisticated reports based on the right metrics and KPIs — even those you haven’t examined before.

As your business grows, we know what you need and how to make it happen. Customized reports from SenecaGlobal provide you with actionable insights that support better business decision-making. We help you see your operations clearly with real-time reporting that enables you to get ahead of your growth instead of reacting to it.

Running NetSuite brings big questions about reports, third-party apps and upgrades. Find out how SenecaGlobal’s NetSuite Constant Care program can help you find the answers. Contact us today.

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