Manufacturing & Distribution


SenecaGlobal helps manufacturing & distribution clients introduce new products to the market faster than ever before, while empowering them to scale without sacrificing quality.

The Right Modernization for Your Company

Manufacturers and distributors are under unprecedented pressure to reduce costs while growing their companies – all while working in an environment of relentless change. The increasing level of automation and interconnectedness goes hand-in-hand with new developments in technology, leading to new products, systems, solutions and services.

SenecaGlobal combines strategic advisory with software development and technology implementation to ensure your company is taking full advantage of appropriate modern technologies. We help you maximize the investment you have already made in existing systems, while making carefully considered investments in new tools so that you can cost-effectively stay ahead of the competition.

Attracting and Maintaining Talent

Many manufacturers and distributors face significant challenges in attracting and maintaining teams of leading-edge technologists. In today's environment, young and talented software developers want to work for "hot" companies in "cool" locations. Their perceptions of manufacturing and distribution can be a difficult barrier for those companies to overcome.

SenecaGlobal has a proven model that provides for stable and reliable teams of leading-edge technologists at a cost-effective level of investment. We work with you to find the right balance of on- and off-shore software experts to integrate with your team and achieve your business goals. As the competition struggles to source the right tech skillsets, your business will have its own highly qualified team of dedicated developers that is actively bringing your software vision to life.

Five Signs that your Outsourcing is Outdated

If you're assessing your development process, this whitepaper outlines the five signs that may indicate your software solution is lacking.

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