SG-2017-448-Architect-Ruby on Rails

What is exciting about the role?

Do you have in-depth expertise in ROR and open source technology stack?
Are you looking for creative challenge to work on ‘full-stack development of complex software products’?

Join us to exploit the opportunity to work closely with senior leadership and domain leaders. Your work demands direct interaction with client for product delivery. You will experience agile engineering delivery that emphasizes on in-depth technology and engineering expertize development. You will have freedom to experiment with new technologies relevant to our business. You will get professional learning opportunities for career development. Your work life will be in a diverse work environment driven by practices for teaming, mixing fun with work, and wellbeing.

Role Description:

Role incumbent will be responsible for software product delivery to multiple clients. Role incumbent is expected to deal with all aspects of technology including the software architecture, software design, pre-factoring design, construction, refactoring, technology standardization, and modernization. The role incumbent is responsible for application of domain expertise for conceptualizing the software architecture and design, and also monitor its implementation to deliver ‘business value’ to client.

Company Description:

SenecaGlobal offers software product development services and solutions to organizations seeking a trusted and strategic global outsourcing partner. Best place to explore the new technologies, scope of innovation.
SenecaGlobal has been recognised as one among top 20 “Most promising outsourced product development companies” from Silicon India and “Most promising IT services companies” from CIO Review.
We help our clients realize significant cost savings through a broad range of technology solution areas including product development and maintenance, application development and maintenance, software testing, IT infrastructure support, and iSeries.
Our services provide improved productivity, decreased cost, and increased value over time. The services and solutions we deliver through our unique global delivery model provide our clients with the competitive edge they need to succeed.

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Key Responsibilities:

  • Contribute for software product planning by the client for product design and development.
  • Apply core agile engineering practices for software architecture and design.
  • Apply ideas for creating opportunities for “value based delivery” to exceed client expectations.
  • Support and contribute for technical and architecture related risk identification and mitigation.
  • Support and contribute for requirements analysis and modeling.
  • Develop, change and improve the software architecture and design based on model driven architectural practices to meet client requirements.
  • Lead and advice in the development, change, and improvement of detailed design and usage of frameworks, design patterns, and reusable software components.
  • Lead and assist in the effective development, change, integration, and refactoring of software code to meet requirements and design.
  • Lead and assist in the implementation of domain and technology related standards, best practices, and lessons learnt.
  • Lead and assist in the resolution and prevention of technical issues, defects, and problems.
  • Advise on effective software testing and test automation.
  • Review client requirements, design, software code, test design, and test automation scripts to assess and improve software quality.
  • Lead and assist in software integration, build and release; and software deployment.
  • Leverage new technologies innovatively for improvement of software product.

Education Qualification:

Bachelor degree/ Master’s in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, IT, Computer Applications
Architect/Designer certifications in Open Systems, is desirable.

Required Skills and Experience:

  • At least 10 years of experience with Ruby on Rails and related open systems technologies involving architecture, design and development of complex software systems.
  • High client centricity and focus on quality
  • Extensive problem solving competence involving variety of domain and technical problems
  • High entrepreneurial spirit to work under resource and other constraints
  • Strong ideation and solution thinking capability
  • Excellent interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills for collaborative working
  • High learning aptitude to quickly absorb new technologies and immediately apply them.
  • In-depth competence in ROR and related open system technologies (front-end, back-end, cloud, micro-services, mobility) for full-stack development of software product
  • Extensive implementation expertise involving various architecture frameworks and design patterns, APIs, and services.
  • Extensive tool usage for design, development, integration, testing, release and deployment
  • Strong teaming capability lead and influence technical people

Job Location: Hyderabad