Are you missing out on NetSuite upgrades?

Take advantage of new features and capabilities.

Did you know? NetSuite gives you upgrades every six months as part of your subscription. But if you aren’t implementing them, you could be missing out on opportunities to improve profitability and efficiency.

It’s easy to miss the notification emails about new upgrades. Keeping up with all the releases takes time, attention and expertise. Even if you have all those things, implementing the regular updates requires these tasks and more:

  • Configure NetSuite to enable the new capability
  • Fit it into your existing processes
  • Automate the new workflows
  • Train your team on the new features, processes and workflow

If you’re running your operations like a well-oiled machine, maybe all you need is the upgrades’ release notes to build them into your workflows. But if you’re like most people, you and your team already have plenty to do — and upgrade management isn’t high on your list of priorities.

SenecaGlobal can help you stay on top of the biannual updates and more. We even know what the NetSuite upgrades are before they come out. With SenecaGlobal on your side, you’ll know too.

Turn to SenecaGlobal’s NetSuite Constant Care program for the technical expertise you need to enable and configure upgrades that can improve your operations. We guide you toward NetSuite-certified apps — which are guaranteed to work with the upgrades — so you’re sure your environment is always stable.  

Our team partners with you to set up the new features or enhancements and integrate them with your system. Then, we guide and train your team on automated workflows that give you more from NetSuite.

With SenecaGlobal NetSuite Constant Care, you can take advantage of all the upgrades you need — and none of the ones you don’t. From third-party apps to custom reports, we’re here for you. Contact us today.

About SenecaGlobal

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